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2 programmatic misconceptions you need to reexamine

2 programmatic misconceptions you need to reexamine iMedia Editors

Programmatic is RTB

It's tempting to conflate programmatic buying and real time bidding since the two have so much to do with each other. However, they are two separate things. Programmatic is the process used to determine if an advertiser wants to take place in an RTB process. It's the technology used to target an ad to a specific person based on age, gender, site history, search history, and a variety of other metrics obtained through algorithms. RTB is the online auction between bidders held in a microsecond once the right ads are ready to be delivered to an ideal consumer. While intertwined, these processes are not the same.

Programmatic is for low, remnant inventory

Yes, we're still talking about this one. Programmatic has a stigma as being a dumping ground method for delivering low, remnant ad inventory. It's been unable to go mainstream as a viable way to deliver premium inventory mostly because it's so new and manual processes have been the norm for years. This misconception will end once marketers ditch time-consuming and antiquated ways of delivering campaigns for this much more efficient method.

iMedia traveled to the thinkLA Programmatic Summit and Aimee Gerry, VP of client solutions at Nielsen about these major misconceptions surrounding this topic and speaks about this revolution more in depth.

Learn more about thinkLA and upcoming events.

Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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