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3 simple ways to ease programmatic into your strategy

3 simple ways to ease programmatic into your strategy iMedia Editors

Research the various programmatic platforms

There are many partners out there that can educate you on the process and answer your questions. Network with vendors, conduct independent research, and crowd source feedback from those who are existing clients to learn as much as possible. Make an informed choice that could possibly lead to a long-term partnership if things go smoothly.

Test programmatic on a small scale

There's no reason to go all in with programmatic if you're not ready. Instead, launch small campaigns and test it out in a controlled environment with low risk. Find out what the process entails and how much management is needed. This is the time to make mistakes and get a feel for the process without risking too much.

Measure and move forward with data

Lastly, create a detailed and meaningful report card that scores how your test campaigns did and what went well. Be honest about the areas where it didn't measure up and don't sugarcoat your metrics. Take the facts from your test campaign and have discussions around what the ROI would be if you launched in large scale. Move forward from those conclusions.

Aimee Gerry, VP of client solutions at Nielsen speaks to iMedia at the thinkLA programmatic summit about three ways marketers can get past programmatic fears and get started today.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and videos edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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