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How to double the impact of your ad impressions

How to double the impact of your ad impressions Mitchell Weisman
This video interview and article is sponsored by RevJet. Learn more about sponsor opportunities.

Creative optimization: Real time serving, experimenting, and reporting

Turning digital ad creative into a performance engine rather than a cost center is no easy task. Fortunately, technology has progressed enough within the industry to allow marketers to accomplish stellar real-time creative optimization so that each ad is built, tested, and served to the ideal target consumer in an automated fashion. For years the industry has been limping along with best guesses when it comes to creating compelling ads and reaching target markets. Digital advertising campaigns have been occurring in silos, with ads being created, served, and reported by separate entities with poor communication as to what's working. We need a better way.

One company that's taken the reigns in order to change the game is the marketing industry's first creative side platform, RevJet. Founder and CEO Mitchell Weisman, a marketing and ad tech veteran, speaks to iMedia about why automated creative optimization is the key to reaching target audiences and why our tactics must fundamentally change to improve the current industry standard.

Mitchell Weisman is founder and CEO of RevJet, a radically different advertising platform that empowers marketers to access the largest untapped source of value in digital advertising. He also serves as chairman of LifeStreet Media, a company he...

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