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7 mundane tasks that halt productivity

7 mundane tasks that halt productivity iMedia Editors

Bringing laptops into meetings

Be honest: you’re not “just taking notes.” Too many professionals waltz into meetings and bury their faces into laptops under the guise of being super-efficient and always-on. It may seem like the hallmark of a hard-working leader to constantly be on your computer but this one workplace tradition must end so we can regain focus and be in the moment.
Jeff Collins, chief revenue officer for Viant, speaks about why technology has been a double edged sword in the workplace by helping us become more efficient, but often distracts us from tasks at hand.

Holding redundant meetings

On the subject of meetings, many people think it’s necessary to have meetings about things even if they were resolved in email or in person. There is such a thing as over-meeting about a subject and time is money. Only hold meetings if it is vital to crowdsource solutions from your peers.

Lauren Moores, VP of analytics for Dstillery discusses why redundant meetings can be a real headache for marketers - especially when time is precious.

Not being direct

How often do you hop aboard the PC train? Being too politically correct or soft-soaping key issues is a practice we all succumb to at some point. There's a fine line in the workplace between being direct and being mean. However, the workplace could surely use more straight-to-the-point talk.

Shopkick's CRO Alexis Rask speaks to iMedia about why being direct is very important and being too glossy can be a real hindrance.  

Checking your phone

You're probably doing this right now, or are about to. It's painfully difficult to ignore your phone, but constantly texting, updating, or checking your device can create a culture of distraction. You're not completely focused while you continually glance at your smartphone. 

Steven Wolfe Pereira, CMO for DataLogix speaks about why this workplace habit must cease.

Checking your social networks

While we're on the subject of checking too many things, the office is plagued by personal networkers who are updating and posting in endless fashion. Put Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn away for a little while. Being a social media addict actually harms useful productivity (unless you're a social media manager.)

MaxPoint's director of shopper marketing Laura Rangel speaks to iMedia about why we should all sometimes give our social circles a break and concentrate on meaningful work.

Over-emailing & CCing too many people

There's a difference between keeping people in the loop and excessive email badgering of your coworkers. Email is a beast, and we all have a habit of CCing too many unnecessary people or sending too many updates. Use email sparingly and not at all if you are able to have a conversation face-to-face.

Patrick Cartmel, senior vice president of client service & strategy for HookLogic explains why email has gotten out of control.


Lastly, we are all brought up to think that multitasking is a virtue and increases productivity. However, being stretched too thin is proven to be a real block toward concentration and efficiency. A little multitasking here and there is fine, but dive deep and focus on one project at a time to really knock them out of the park.

Matthew Kates, VP of strategic services for HelloWorld speaks to iMedia about why we should all adopt a more concentrated mindset in the office.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski.

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Commenter: Mike Popalardo

2015, February 05

Great list. I agree with all of these. Thanks for saying the "Emperor has no clothes".