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The next great evolution of social media marketing

The next great evolution of social media marketing Doug Busk

Real-time social listening with a response time of seconds

The marketing community is a broken record about the Oreo Super Bowl Tweet, but it does, indeed, serve as a predecessor to what many brands are trying to accomplish on social: real-time listening and reacting. The theory behind real-time social marketing is that life moves too rapidly to simply be responding to consumers or events in hours or days. Within seconds of a consumer tweeting to you, they could have already have lost interest in the subject matter. Within minutes of a major world event, the social community moves on. The world attention span operates in seconds and minutes -- not hours and days -- which is why brands need to develop a structure that allows them to interact in real-time with fans and followers. Social listening tools are on fire right now. Brands that scour the web and social networks for conversation, detractors, fans, and influencers will remain relevant. Companies that use social for strict customer service and wholesale marketing will fade away. Today, online engagement doesn't just mean responding to a customer at some point: it means responding quickly, appropriately, and actually making an impact on the social user.

One man who fully understands the importance of real-time social listening is Doug Busk, director of communications and innovative global connections for The Coca-Cola Company. This iconic brand has launched the HUB Network, a team and set of platforms that better empower its marketers to respond and interact with online consumers in real-time. He explains why they decided to invest so heavily in social listening and why brands that follow suite will find tremendous ROI.

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"A glass full of Coca Cola painted in a old wall in Atlanta, Georgia on Dec 04, 2013. Atlanta is the home of Coca Cola" image via Shutterstock and Luciano Mortula.

With over 15 years of leadership experience in mobile and social media spaces, Doug Busk brings a diverse background to his role as director of connections innovation within the global connections marketing team at The Coca-Cola Company. In that...

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