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The unification of marketing and research in 2015

Paul Twite and John Bremer
The unification of marketing and research in 2015 Paul Twite and John Bremer

Expect an explosion in real-time services
Marketers are judged based upon their ability to match the right message, with the right person, at the right time, on their preferred device of the moment.

With the growth of mobile use and cross channel campaigns, we can expect to see an explosion of real-time market research services and survey technologies in 2015.

Be prepared to fill the information gaps
There are clear benefits to be gained from using real-time technology, but the challenge for market researchers in 2015 will be to fill in some of the more apparent information gaps that exist – from the micro-targeted, to broader social media marketing efforts.

As researchers, in 2015 we must focus on answering this latest call from the marketing industry, and provide information solutions that empower marketers, validate their decisions, and continuously improve their results.

Increased use of DIY survey platforms
Real-time research has really taken off in the last year. Brands are under extreme pressure in these hyper-paced times, and Insight Directors are being asked to conduct complex, multi-market insight generation within tighter-than-ever time frames.

Simple-to-use DIY survey platforms have enabled the timeline for insights to be compressed from several weeks into a few days, which has now become the standard benchmark for marketers looking to collate valuable data from their existing or potential customers. We can expect to see this growth escalate in 2015 as brands realise the value of this fast and user-friendly research tool.

Blending real-time research with real-time marketing
In 2015, brands will see the true value of real-time research, and how it can be incorporated into marketing plans. Several high-profile examples already exist, where brands have been able to respond to news stories within minutes of them breaking – enabling fears to be allayed or opportunities maximised – and consumer responses are fed back to enable messages to be optimised along the way. This blend of real-time marketing and real-time research will bring exciting times indeed.

It will be interesting to witness the speed and extent of technological developments as the marketing and research industries become increasingly intertwined in 2015.


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