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The best social media campaigns of 2015 (so far)

The best social media campaigns of 2015 (so far) Lauren Friedman

2015 has already proven to be a good year for brands on social media. Not only are brands really getting the power of social media, they're also beginning to leverage trends in the market. They're embracing humor and creating higher and higher quality content.

In this article, I will present a few of my favorite social campaigns of 2015 (so far).

What would you add to the ongoing 2015 list?

Groupon's Banana Bunker

Let's just hit the ground running with this social media campaign. Groupon posted this product -- a Banana Bunker -- to Facebook and replied to everyone who made a sex joke.

Fans went absolutely wild for the commentary and the coveted Banana Bunker sold out almost immediately. Turns out, Groupon knew that this post was going to get trolled, so they planned accordingly by ensuring the in-house team was ready to turn the Banana Bunker into engagement and sales.

According to Bill Roberts, head of global communication for Groupon (in this AdWeek article), said that this post is "far and away the biggest and most positive post in Groupon's history" and that the company always tries to have a great sense of humor. He adds, "Plus, our team is very passionate about the benefits of potassium." I bet you are, Bill. I bet you are.

Hefty Ultimate Cups (Cool Moms YouTube Campaign)

This campaign might just be one of the best campaigns in the history of social media campaigns, IMO. This campaign that took place in April puts the spotlight on cool moms. At first glance, these moms are very much stereotypical, cardigan-wearing moms with perfectly coiffed hair doing "mom things" like unpacking groceries and folding laundry. But as soon as they start talking, they whip out wild party stories full of today's teen slang: "bae," "FOMO," "on fleek," "hangry," "cray," "bye Felicia," and more. It seriously made me litlol.

Here's my favorite out of the series, but you need to watch them all. Trust. #PartyHardMoms

Not only does this campaign perfectly use the juxtaposition of the "role of a mother" it capitalized on very trendy slang that has taken over the Millennial generation (which is always being talked about these days, right?). Very smart marketing.

Domino's Pizza Delivery Emoji Campaign

Emojis are awesome. Emojis can tell an entire story in just a few images. One of the most used emojis is, of course, the pizza emoji. (I'm pretty sure the taco one would win, but there still isn't a taco emoji.) In an effort to take advantage of these little mini pizza emojis, Domino's has launched a new system where users can simply tweet the pizza emoji at the restaurant to place an order.

Customers just have to set up an Easy Order account, which involves registering their Twitter handle and entering their topping preferences and payment information. Voila, you can now order pizza with an emoji. It's amazing that more brands haven't capitalized on the ever-growing popularity of these fun, lazy bits of conversation. Pretty genius.

I'm thoroughly enjoying that brands aren't taking themselves quite as seriously on social media as years past. They're beginning to truly understand the community-driven aspects of social and the opportunity they have to spread their message at scale in a fun and memorable way. I'm looking forward to even more clever campaigns this year.

Lauren Friedman is head of global social business enablement at Adobe Systems.

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Lauren Friedman is the head of Global Social Business Enablement at Adobe.  She's a digital and social marketing authority, with extensive experience working with Fortune 500 brands to integrate digital and social media into their overarching...

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