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Marketing tips for summer travel season

Marketing tips for summer travel season Kiran Gopinath

As we approach summer travel season, approximately 37.2 million Americans will kick off their plans for summer travel this Memorial Day weekend. This presents a huge opportunity for ecommerce, travel, and hospitality companies to take advantage of dynamic messaging and retargeting capabilities offered by dynamic creative vendors to offer their audiences targeted messages and offers based on demographic, behavioral, contextual, and geographic needs.

Mid-sized travel, hospitality, and ecommerce businesses often think they won't be able to compete with the industry giants when it comes to digital advertising, but with some smart choices, even conservative budgets can make the most of the summer travel season to drive real ROI. Here are some ways to maximize your campaign reach this summer:

Take a creative approach to programmatic

Programmatic and creativity are not mutually exclusive. With a focus on dynamic creative optimization (DCO), advertisers can serve up ads that are dynamic and tailored to the modern travel customer. Programmatic media buying allows signals such as audience to be used to produce relevant creative. Use this data to ensure that the message resonates with your users. Doing so can double yield on interaction rates and increase engagement by 50 percent, according to the IAB.

Build creative sizes

Having multiple ad sizes and placements available will ensure your ad is served to your target at the precise moment the opportunity arises. Whether your target is on mobile or desktop, the right sized creative will be able to be optimally viewed depending on the device.

Don't underestimate simplicity

A simple message with a strong call to action can go a long way. Complicated, overly detailed offerings could be overwhelming and lose the prospect's attention. State your point succinctly and grab them with an intriguing call to action that's tailored to the season.

Avoid ad fatigue and overexposure

The use of the same standard creative can result in ad fatigue, drops in CTRs, and eventually drops in CPAs. Summer travel season presents the perfect opportunity to offer fresh, new creative that grabs attention. At the same time, be careful not to serve ads to already-converted customers. Instead, upsell them, cross-sell them, and offer relevant referral discounts.

Be timely with targeting

Use the travel season to offer timely ads. Even attention to such things as weather or traffic patterns will provide insight into which ads to serve, and when. Also, be mindful that visitors to your website have a limited attention span in terms of interest in a specific product. Visitors who have visited your site during the last 48 hours are more likely to convert due to high interest. Use this to bid higher and retarget audiences based on how recent their visit was.

Use geolocation rules

In addition to tactics like "last viewed products," where products are shown to users based on prior browsing history, rules can be set up to show advertisers' hot deal or local promotions based on geolocation. This is especially useful with consumers who are travelling and looking for deals on local products or services. Geolocation is powerful because when ads are targeted to demographic, geographi,c and contextual variables, valuable impressions are not wasted on those who are not relevant to or interested in your product. Specifics like this will improve the relevancy of retargeting campaigns by placing the right ads in front of the right people, and will also lower costs by showing ads only to the most relevant audience. Especially with smaller budgets, targeting and retargeting can become effective performance optimization tools.

By taking a few best practices into consideration this summer, and investing in the right digital marketing solutions, mid-market advertisers in the travel, hospitality, and ecommerce sectors can make budgets matter and see real ROI from the year's busiest travel season.

Kiran Gopinath is the founder and CEO at Adadyn

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Kiran founded Ozone Media (now known as Adadyn) in 2006 and brings invaluable experience to lead strategy and product vision. Backed by investment from IDG Ventures and under the aegis of Kiran, the company has evolved its service offerings and...

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