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7 fast ways to make talented employees quit

7 fast ways to make talented employees quit iMedia Editors

Fail to challenge them

Jeff Donaldson, SVP for GameStop Technology Institute speaks to iMedia about why failing to offer skill-growing challenges and creating a sedentary environment are good ways to drive away promising talent in the marketing world.

Don't give them air cover

Ashley J. Swartz, Founder and CEO Furious-Minds explains why giving your employees a safe environment to test, experiment, and yes -- even occasionally fail is crucial for talented people to feel at home and do great work at any company.

Treat everyone the same

Neil Perry, Marketing Consultant at Neil Perry & Associates speaks to iMedia about why it is important to give talented employees individual recognition and unique treatment. Applying the same general gratitude to everyone regardless of accomplishments is no way to foster a culture where talented people feel rewarded for creative efforts.

Be a poor resource manager

Sara Critchfield, Founder of Upworthy discusses why resource management, or the lack of good skills in that area, can cause exciting new prospects to jump ship from your company. Talented people love doing good, exciting work, and when they feel taken advantage of they know they can look elsewhere.

Don't empower them

Tom Edwards, Chief Digital Officer, Agency at Epsilon speaks to iMedia and explains why talented employees need to feel an area of ownership in their company to thrive in their roles and do great creative work.

Create an environment where employees don't have a choice

Kevin Ryan, CEO at Motivity Marketing explains why creating a culture where talented people feel they have no say or can't effect real change is a good way to get them looking elsewhere for employment.

Overwork them without compensation or acknowledgment

Blake Hochberger, director of programmatic at Resignation Media speaks to iMedia about why you can't overwork talented hires without also providing adequate compensation or acknowledgement for their efforts.

Article written and videos edited by media production manager David Zaleski.

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