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The 3 biggest marketing attribution challenges

The 3 biggest marketing attribution challenges iMedia Editors


Bots have been a huge issue in blocking marketers' understanding of where ROI is best coming from and what avenues are dead ends. Until the industry addresses the issue of ad fraud, attribution will always have big challenges.

Gaming of attribution

Vendors can be unknowingly incentivized to travel down paths that lead to bad attribution information. Last touch or last click is so prevalent that it can attract marketers to simply focus on the last ad for credit and business. It's a broken model and an unfortunate way things have evolved.

Resistance against big data

In a world where ROI needs to be shown so quickly, it's easy to stick with what seems to work and not spend precious time sifting through an ocean of analytics. We have the answers in cryptic and complicated form due to our overload of first- and third-party data; what marketers lack are the time and willingness to find out the truth.

iMedia traveled to thinkLA's Programmatic Summit and spoke with Seph Zdarko, head of partner strategy & attribution initiatives at Quantcast. Here is his expert take on the biggest issues facing marketing attribution in today's climate.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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