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3 practical ways publishers can protect programmatic inventory

3 practical ways publishers can protect programmatic inventory iMedia Editors

Have a tangible online login to maintain control and make changes

Having a portal that you can log into, adjust parameters, and maintain your inventory standards is a quick and easy way to ensure only high quality impressions make it to your site. Good programmatic providers will work their hardest to impress that low inventory is automatically filtered, but inevitable rogue impressions can be taken care of in a timely manner with publishers' fast discretion.

Work closely with your sell side provider (SSP) to establish rules, blocks, and standards

Having a close relationship with your sell side provider (SSP) and maintaining a working dialogue regarding roadblocks and rules is an excellent overall strategy for making sure your programmatic impressions are high quality. Your SSP won't know your desires unless you engage with them candidly and make clear your objectives for your inventory standards. Keep this relationship positive and unambiguous.

Maintain premium video CPMs to increase quality buyers

Lastly, high programmatic video CPMs will keep out most low inventory because the cost is too high. Keeping those prices at a premium level will not only stave off the riff-raff, but encourage high-quality buyers to invest in your ad space. Video is hot and engaging right now and your prices should be high regardless.

iMedia traveled to the thinkLA Programmatic Summit and spoke with Chris Pirrone, general manager for USA Today Sports, about some simple tactics marketers can use to ensure that only high programmatic impressions reach publishers' pages.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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