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4 key ways programmatic is transforming marketing

4 key ways programmatic is transforming marketing iMedia Editors

Programmatic spend will double by 2016

Earlier than predicted, eMarketer suggests that programmatic spend will increase from its 2014 pace, and in 2016, we will see it double. Marketers are hopping on board the programmatic train very quickly, and tech players are improving the process so rapidly that mainstream media automation is not just a possibility -- it's an inevitability.

Programmatic display will shift from desktop to mobile by the end of 2015

The majority of programmatic display will be served on mobile by the end of 2015. Spend on mobile is set to outpace desktop by 2016, and it looks like programmatic serving will beat it to the punch. It's clear that mobile and programmatic are two realities marketers will have to accommodate from now on.

iMedia traveled to thinkLA's Programmatic summit and spoke with Noah Elkin, chief product officer at Industry Index, about these important stats and how programmatic is quickly taking over.

Manual processes will shift to video and TV, less toward display

The big question in programmatic is where our manual processes will end up. Will everything be automated? Well, no -- at least not in the near future. Instead, we'll enter a time where more niche creative campaigns are negotiated and bought manually. Channels such as TV and mediums such as video will enjoy a few more years of manual love.

We are years away from full media automation

Despite the rapid growth of programmatic, don't put your entire budget in one basket just yet. The technology is still being perfected and we have a long way to go. It's important to include this trend now, plan to increase it in the future, and slowly continue to phase out increasingly redundant or time-wasting processes. But don't chop the head off anything quite yet.

iMedia ends our conversation with Noah Elkin at the thinkLA Programmatic Summit by discussing the place of the manual process and where it will end up when the dust has settled.

Learn more about thinkLA and upcoming events.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and videos edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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Commenter: Arto Niinisto

2015, September 23

For some channels and formats it may take longer to be automated and traded programmatically, however this shift is already starting to happen to digital radio, outdoor, and even print media.