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Breaking news: Comexposium acquires dmg events' iMedia, ad:tech, and Collective Group events

Breaking news: Comexposium acquires dmg events' iMedia, ad:tech, and Collective Group events iMedia Editors

The Comexposium Group, one of the world's leading event organizers, has acquired dmg events' Digital Marketing division, which produces the market-leading iMedia, ad:tech, and Collective Group series of B2B events in the United States, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

This strategic acquisition complements the purchase in February 2015 of the Mobile Media Summit (MMS) network of events that take place in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Miami, Las Vegas, Barcelona, and Cannes. 

Paran Johar, CEO and founder of Mobile Media Summit, said, "A long-time fan of both iMedia and ad:tech events, I really look forward to leading the combined ad:tech, iMedia, Collective Group, and Mobile Media Summit teams to help shape the future of digital, mobile media, and marketing for brands, agencies, and influencers looking for the latest technology innovation, cutting-edge content, and unrivalled networking.

"Together, we will be one of the largest international digital media event platforms with exhibitions, conferences, one-to-one business meetings, and summits exploring the full spectrum of burning issues from mobile to programmatic and beyond," added Johar. "Globally, we bring together the top 100,000 brand, agency, digital, marketing, advertising, and tech executives at our events and activate a community of more than 1.5 million through our content platforms."

The combination of the iMedia, ad:tech, Collective Group, Mobile Media Summit, and E-Commerce events will allow Comexposium to offer an essential network of face-to-face marketing opportunities dedicated to the digital marketing, mobile, and e-commerce industries across four continents, serving major brands, influencers, communication agencies, and the world's most innovative companies in the space. 

"These are exciting times for our events," said Matt Denton, president of dmg events Digital Marketing. "As we continue our development both in the U.S. and internationally, we look forward to the support, expertise, and market presence that being part of the Comexposium family offers us."

According to Renaud Hamaide, CEO of Comexposium, "Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing sector which falls within the Group's international development strategy, and increases a portfolio of leading events which match our existing events: the Mobile Media Summit, Digital Marketing One-to-One, E-Commerce, and E-Commerce One-to-One. It will also allow Comexposium to become the world leader in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce events."

The Jordan, Edmiston Group Inc., the leading independent investment bank for the global media, information, marketing, software, and tech-enabled services sectors, represented dmg events in this transaction.

About Comexposium
Comexposium, one of the European leaders in event organization, is involved in 114 events for the general public and professionals, covering 17 different sectors of activity. Every year it plays host to 38,000 exhibitors, 40 percent of which are from outside France, and 3.5 million visitors, including 350,000 visitors from abroad. Internationally, today Comexposium is: Cartes Secure Connexions America - Cartes Secure Connexions Asia - CURVExpo New York - CURVExpo Las Vegas - Djazagro - Djazagri - Equip Auto Alger - Equipmag Retail Expo China - Expovinis - Fast Fashion Tour London - Global Security Asia - Hong-Kong mode lingerie - Interfilière Hong-Kong - Interfilière Shanghai - Milipol Qatar - SET Canada - Shanghai mode lingerie - SIAL ASEAN - SIAL China - SIAL Brazil - SIAL Middle East - SIAL Canada - SIAL Interfood Jakarta - SILMO Istanbul - SIMA ASEAN - Sitevinitech Argentina - Sitevinitech China - Techno Security & Mobile Forensics World.

Visit comexposium.com for more information.

iMedia Communications, Inc. is a trade publisher and event producer serving interactive media and marketing industries. The company was founded in September of 2001 and is a subsidiary of Comexposium USA.  ...

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