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The 5 fastest ways to alienate online audiences

The 5 fastest ways to alienate online audiences iMedia Editors

Running the exact same spot over and over

Repetition is a good way to drive messages deep into the cerebellum, but in a digital world where variety is abundant, a repeated piece of content can drive people insane. If you want to push audiences away in no time (or punish them for some reason) simply ignore the fact that they might want new and fresh material that contains the same message. Content creators who take the time to edit multiple spots and mix things up find greater engagement and retention.

Abbey Thomas, SVP of sales & head of auto and entertainment at Tremor Video, speaks to iMedia at the thinkLA Entertainment Breakfast about this very easy and avoidable mistake.

Broadcasting irrelevant content

From ads to entertainment, and every viewer experience in between, if you are not delivering relevance in your content and messages you will lose audiences at lightning fast speeds. With the plethora of channels and places consumers can get relevant material, the irrelevance of your content will really stand out. Make sure you understand your audience and demographic, and give them video they want to see.

David Baron, VP of content partner management at Hulu, speaks to iMedia at the thinkLA Entertainment Breakfast about why keeping your content relevant is a sure way to increase retention for online video.

Flat-out lie

No one likes to be lied to. Telling shades of truth or omitting very important chunks of information is a big red flag for viewers. In today's transparent and very Googleable world, it's easy for viewers to become online detectives to discover the shady areas in your messages. All it takes is a simple search, and right away people have access to a mountain of consumer reviews and objective reports (not to mention product/service alternatives). The best path: be as honest as possible. Don't omit major flaws, and address problems in a creative way that doesn't mislead viewers.

Jae Goodman, CCO and co-head at Creative Artist Agency (CAA) Marketing, speaks with iMedia at the thinkLA Entertainment Breakfast about why being untruthful in your online video is an easy way to alienate the public.

Selling to viewers over telling a story

The same rules apply in marketing that apply in the entertainment industry: story and narrative are key. Online audiences are bombarded with ads that have a blatant goal of pushing product. Display, search, and social are not storytelling formats. There is little room there to lead a consumer down a narrative path. The reason video is exploding and gets people excited is because at its heart, it's a channel that allows for ample entertainment and great storytelling. If you're not playing the game, it really stands out, and audiences will drop off.

Doug Ellin, creator and executive producer of "Entourage," speaks to iMedia at the thinkLA Entertainment Breakfast about why storytelling in video is the crucial strategy for engaging audiences in any industry.

Forcing a push-down storytelling experience

On the topic of story, the narrative you deliver needs to feel natural and relevant to the audience. You shouldn't be delivering a storytelling experience that is so force-fed that the viewer feels like the content is completely out of place or context. Amy Elkins, head of media and marketing innovation at STX Entertainment, speaks to iMedia at the thinkLA Entertainment Breakfast about why a push-down storytelling experience that feels unnatural can be a real turn-off for online viewers.

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Article written and videos edited by media production manager David Zaleski.

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