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The Digital Dispatch: Chandelier, Mintz + Hoke, and Van Straaten

The Digital Dispatch: Chandelier, Mintz + Hoke, and Van Straaten iMedia Editors

Adaptly, Inc. announced it has been selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner with early Instagram Ads API access and has released software products for purchasing and managing paid media campaigns on Instagram.

AMA has launched the Marketing Personality Test -- the first-ever assessment designed specifically for marketing professionals.

ARGONAUT has been appointed global creative AOR for insurance leader, MetLife, as of today.

Chandelier, the agency behind all of Old Navy's work, including spots with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler, has appointed their first design director, Zan Goodman.

DDB Stockholm have co-founded and invested in an innovative new startup that produces the world's smallest wireless earphones, which can be charged during use with a smartphone.

gShift announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SiteCondor, an Austin, Texas-based technology startup that develops website auditing tools for digital agencies and content marketers.

HH Global Ltd. announced that three veteran industry executives have joined the company -- John Ciardiello as CFO, Cameron Smith as VP of strategy sourcing, and Mayer Becker as VP of marketing, Americas.

Mintz + Hoke added Tom Stachowitz to the full-time staff as web developer.

MultiView has appointed Todd Ebert as the new CMO.

PK4 Media announced that Theo Yang has joined the Los Angeles sales team as an account executive.

Saban Brands has selected Cortex, a Hogarth Worldwide company, to help showcase its global Power Rangers brand more efficiently.

Searchmetrics, the search and content performance leader, has appointed Volker Smid, former CEO of HP Germany, as the new CEO. 

Segmint announced the global availability of a solution that allows clients to securely reach current and potential customers on the open internet through its integration with Real Time Bidding (RTB) networks.

Smaato, a global real-time advertising platform, released its "Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic" report.

Taptica announced its purchase of AreaOne, a social marketing technology company, for a total of $17 million payable in cash and shares over a two-year period.

Van Straaten, specialist in innovative visual communication, continues to pursue its international expansion strategy. Van Straaten recently opened a branch office in Germany in order to gain better access to the business potential in the "DACH" market comprising Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Vevo has named Jon Carvill as VP of communications.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically. Our bimonthly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected].

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