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6 killer websites to check out

6 killer websites to check out Drew Hubbard

I'm amazed that the humble website can still surprise me sometimes. We've had decades to establish tried-and-true best practices for the medium. And we have. But even within those parameters, the variety and imagination on display is boundless.

To some extent, websites are like fashion. Designs evolve, features go in and out of fashion -- and then come back. Online, however, the trends are understandably driven by technology -- new possibilities enabled by faster internet connections and savvier users, and then reimagined for a mobile age.

The sites in this article have caught my attention not only because of their designs, but also because of the content strategies behind them. Add your own favorites in the comments!

"Interstellar" with Google Play

The online manifestation of the partnership between the movie "Interstellar" and Google Play is immersive and interactive. It enables you to navigate the depths of outer space and make movie-related discoveries on your journey. That's been done before, of course. But what is particularly well-executed on the site is the presentation of the "Interstellar"-Google Play collaboration on the short film "EMIC." Available for free on Google Play, the film builds off the themes of "Interstellar." It weaves submissions from people around the world into a story celebrating the human experience on Earth. The film is intended to serve as a time capsule of what life on Earth was like, should we leave this planet.

Smartly, the site also provides a section for educators, with lesson plans -- by age -- for teachers looking to watch and explore the film with their students. 

Drew is mainly a dad, but he's also a social media and content marketing guy. Originally from Kansas City and a graduate of The University of Missouri, Drew will gladly discuss the vast, natural beauty of the Show Me State. Drew and his wife,...

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