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7 paradoxes that marketers need to embrace

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) featured key marketing and advertising executives who shared strategies on how the growing media industry is to achieve the next $50 billion at their 2016 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting at Palm Desert, California. One of many of the industry's thought leaders to take the stage was Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer at Taco Bell, who addressed the need to embrace Pandora's box of marketing and how it can lead to effective storytelling.
There is now more content in more places due to the evolution of digital and social media, and yet the industry is marketing in a box of paradoxes. In our digitally driven world, the burden and opportunity for marketers is to embrace both sides of the equation or they will get stuck and paralyzed on ways to drive their brand forward, observes. She calls for today's marketer to recognize, embrace, and then integrate these ironies in order to win at effective storytelling. Thalberg reinforces that ultimately we need to tell more stories in the right ways and the right places.
Here are the seven paradoxes marketers need to embrace in today's connected world:
1) Content is expected to be available everywhere, but consumers feel exposed to too much advertising and marketing.
2) Brands are publishers and also advertisers.
3) In a connected world, brand stories are global and still need to be told locally.
4) Marketers need to communicate through individual campaigns and continuous content.
5) Marketing is both art and science.
6) Great content creation can be elite and also democratic.
7) There is a need to drive sales overnight and drive brand overtime.

You can see Thalberg's speech and more from the 2016 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting on IABtv. IAB members can see the full videos by logging into their Member Portal at portal.iab.com.

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