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Acer digital marketing boss: "Data is the essence of our strategy"

Acer digital marketing boss: "Data is the essence of our strategy" Francesco Federico

Where does data fit in Acer’s digital marketing strategy?

Data is fuelling the very essence of our marketing strategy. Compared to traditional marketing, digital has always been deeply rooted in numbers, nevertheless data now plays a truly pivotal role for two reasons.

First, interpolating data from different sources in real time has become mainstream and easily accessible even to complex organisations where data is usually “siloed”. Secondly, we now have sophisticated algorithms at our disposal which allow us to spot cause-effect relationships among different, often non homogenous, data points.

Such a combination is putting defence-grade computational power into the hands of marketers and forever changing our go-to-market strategy.  

Why is real time predictive analytics exciting you? What is it enabling you to do?

Technology has evolved dramatically and so have consumers. They are now less loyal, more informed and no target segment can adequately fit their pre and post purchase journeys. For marketers, complexity has risen to a point that is not manageable any more with conventional, rule-based marketing approaches. But marketers can setup and control tools capable of managing such complexity on their behalf.

Real time predictive modeling allows us to do exactly that, catering each individual person with a truly unique proposition. We switch from targeting “personas” to targeting persons. 

 How do you see the real time space evolving? What are the challenges?

I see data-fuelled real time marketing evolving to the point where marketing offers will be generated on the fly by algorithms. These algorithms will eventually know customers better than marketers do, building incredibly rich CRM databases that go well beyond the long sought after unique view of the customer.

Proper management of consumers’ privacy is and will be critical. How willing consumers are to allow companies to understand them is still unclear. For instance, we already see big differences in the popularity of customised digital experiences in neighbouring European countries.

How does Acer approach investment in new technology?

As ROI cycles are getting shorter every year, I have shifted away from multi-year business planning. After the first 18 months of forecasting such documents often mutate into science fiction rather than solid, financial outlooks.

To put it in S. Beckett’s words, I rather prefer to fail, fail again, fail better by trying out new concepts in significant markets. Iterate quickly and demonstrate whether there is value for the business. To be most successful, aim at an urgent business-felt issue (it will be easier to gather the broader consensus, necessary to scale) and choose scalable platforms.You don’t want to be caught into articulated migrations.

What are your data-fuelled marketing trends for 2016?

Marketing automation will become fully real time and will make extensive usage of predictive modeling, reaching an unprecedented level of go to market and post-sale sophistication. Content marketing, a huge trend in 2015, will continue to grow in 2016. It will benefit dramatically from real time multi-variate testing as marketers will be able to fine tune creative and copy automatically and dynamically.

Programmatic media will grow significant shares over other digital media and clients will be more in control on how and where the money is spent, lifting a critical barrier to adoption.

Francesco Federico is Global Digital Marketing Director at Acer. Francesco will be joined by speakers from GSK, McDonald's and Samsung at the iMedia Data Fuelled Marketing on 11 February. Click here for more information and to request an invitation.

Managing Acer's digital presence in 55 markets across PANAM, EMEA and APAC, Francesco is responsible for global design and execution of digital marketing, web operations, e-commerce, CRM, social media and analytics. Francesco has a 9+ years...

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