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The power of the consumer in today's digital world

In today's world of digital innovation, advanced tools and targeted campaigns are driving marketers and advertisers to interact with consumers in more tailored, engaging, and pertinent ways. These progressions are being adapted across the spectrum -- from entertainment to political campaigns -- and are shaping consumer experience. Curious to hear from those at the forefront of digital trends, IAB asked industry executives where they saw the biggest opportunities in digital at their 2016 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, California.
One of the biggest advancements in digital is the potential to be even more relevant to consumers through the integrated use of mobile and local, says John Costello, president, global marketing and innovation, Dunkin' Brands. This coupling power gives marketers the ability to have 1:1 communication with consumers which can build brand and drive profitable sales, he says.
These big changes in digital could be shifting how we shop, proposes Lindsey Slaby, founder, Sunday Dinner. Retail environments are no longer going to be a place just where you shop but where you go to experience and have community, she says, whether it be on your phone or through store displays.
Emily Bazelon, staff writer, The New York Times Magazine, sees big potential in the rise of podcasting. As a host of Slate's "Political Gabfest," Bazelon realizes there's a real intimacy to the medium that builds strong a loyalty between the listener and host which can translate into exciting possibilities for hosts, listeners, and advertisers alike.
Another big opportunity has to do with tailored packaging and services specifically geared for the consumer. As with all things digital, the power has gone to the consumer, says Jeffrey Cole, director, center of the digital future, University of Southern California.
Watch the video to hear more.

You can see more off-stage interviews and speaker video highlights from the 2016 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting on IABtv. IAB members can see the full videos from ALM by logging into their Member Portal at portal.iab.com.

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