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5 strategies for reaching your agency's goals

5 strategies for reaching your agency's goals Mike Arce

If you're part of an agency, then you know how crucial it is to set goals. From day one of any startup, this is a huge factor in the company's overall success. But following through with goals can be easier said than done. Here are a few tips to help those living the agency life set and accomplish their goals.

Data is sexy

People love numbers. This includes consumers, agencies...everyone. In the business world, stats and actual proof are the base of almost everything. This influences data, performance results, finances, and so much more -- as I like to say, "data is sexy." So when setting goals, pinpoint the numbers that need to be reached in order to get where you want. Actually sit down and calculate these numbers to determine what margins your agency needs to hit. This makes the goal more concrete because it's something that is measurable. The more data you have here, the sexier. 


Turn your goals into a visual aid. For instance, your agency's goal might be to reach $100,000 in monthly revenue from your clients. One of many ways to visualize this in your office is to draw a thermometer (or another object with numbers you can track) on a whiteboard, etc. with the end point of $100,000. The more customers you sign up and upgrade, the more this thermometer goes up in temperature…and revenue! It's a visual that gets seen daily by your team. Visuals turn spoken goals into tangible things; they take ideas and turn them into a reality that people can psychically see.  

Tell people

The best thing your agency can do when you set a goal is to tell people. This includes other employees, partners, sponsors, and so on. When other people know what you want to achieve, it creates leverage and motivation. They may even be the ones to help you meet those goals. For example, I had a goal to find a new office by the end of October. I told everyone in my circle. It just so happened that one of my partners knew about an opening in Scottsdale, which led to an amazing discount in a beautiful location -- and I met my goal much sooner than anticipated. 


Setting goals is the easy part. Actually making sure they happen on time and with the exact numbers that were initially set is harder. That's where accountability comes in. My son and I were playing basketball at home when he decided that he wasn't going back inside the house until he made 100 shots in a row. After endlessly shooting and only making about 15 baskets in a row, he said 15 was enough and he could go back inside. This is a prime example of letting yourself off the hook with a goal. But in order to be your most successful, you need to accept accountability for the goals you set. So if you want to sign on 10 more clients by March 1 and you only reach five within that time period, it doesn't mean to give up. It means it's time to adjust the strategy and shoot from a different angle. 

Make it daily

A great way to encourage that accountability is to set daily tasks for yourself that work toward your goal. There are tons of awesome tools that can help keep this organized. So whether you find a platform that allows you to schedule tasks, you use Google's calendar, or you turn to the Post-It note, any of these methods are great for ensuring that something necessary gets done each day to achieve that goal.

Mike Arce is founder and CEO at Loud Rumor

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