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How the new Facebook search will impact brand marketing

How the new Facebook search will impact brand marketing iMedia Editors

The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

More specific information will be needed in posts

Micah Johnson, GoFanbase, Inc.
"Since Facebook now has the option to search posts on a particular page, brands should be sharing more specific information rather than general info. For example, automotive dealers should create posts focusing on the particular models and features that users will be searching for, rather than general posts about the brand as a whole."

Ultra targeting will be needed

Jonathan Long, Market Domination Media
"Facebook has so much data -- they are undoubtedly one of the largest pools of useful data online. Their search ability is going to be extremely specific, giving brands the ability to create super targeted content designed to attract their exact target customer. Brands are going to have to adapt, and when done right, it's going to lead to more effective spends (more conversions) and less waste."

Leveraging keyword search terms will be useful

Kim Walsh-Phillips, Elite Digital Group
"With over 1 billion searches done a day on Facebook, brands should leverage keyword search terms in their short and long "about us" descriptions, posts, and comments. Getting out in front of competitors will give a big advantage when it comes being found in the platform."

Reputation management will become even more important

Dan Golden, Be Found Online
"Facebook's new search feature is making all public content more available and searchable. This means user-generated content like complaints, reviews, and customer service issues are now going to be a lot more visible. Start by ensuring you have a proactive brand monitoring program in place to find and address reputation issues before they become more visible and damaging to your brand."

SEO will come into play

Wesley Mathews, High Level Marketing
"Similar to when you're optimizing a website for targeted keywords and queries, Facebook's new search algorithm creates an opportunity for brand marketers to optimize every aspect of their social presence. From keyword rich profiles and descriptive page posts to the meta data that loads when sharing links, the smartest brand marketers will use all of these areas to increase search potential."

Brands will have to accommodate the four organizational categories

Faithe Parker, Marbaloo Marketing

"To dominate the new Facebook search format, brands will have to accommodate the four organizational categories: top, latest, people, and photos. Brands should aggressively promote the overall reach of native posts (top), consistently own the conversation by posting fresh content (latest), encourage micro-marketing by individuals (people), and focus on a visual elements in all of those posts (photos)."

Brands will be able to jump on trending stories

Brad Cummins, Local Life Agents
"I can see it impacting brand marketing by allowing brands to jump on trending stories. This means that a brand can put up a post relating to a topic, and if they get enough keywords in and engagement on the post, it will show up as a top result when a user searches."

Brands can dominate long-tail keywords

Andy Karuza, brandbuddee
"You might not be able to compete with the largest fan pages in terms of budget and reach, but you can own some of the more specific long-tail keywords. Utilize more specific keywords that your customer might search; you may already be using some of these in your search engine marketing strategy. Own these keywords in your posts. Having message and keyword consistency is good for many reasons."

Customers will be able to give feedback

Marc Devisse, Tri-Town Construction
"The new Facebook search will allow customers to write feedback and interact easily. This means your brand management is crucial. As we all know, one bad review ruins ten good ones."

There will be more data behind queries

Cody McLain, SupportNinja
"Instead of just gathering statistical information about the various queries made by users (like Google does), Facebook will be able to place socio-specific data behind their queries. Marketers will have more demographic information that will even inform them whether people are ready (or not) for their products based on how users feel and think, which is more than what traditional search can do."

It could increase fan value

Vishal Shah, NoPaperForms
"Given the velocity at which content in newsfeeds turns over, the value of a fan recommendation or share was limited to a brief time window. Marketers now have all the more reasons to cultivate a deeply engaged fanbase that regularly interacts with their brand, as these social actions are now searchable. With no more lost interactions, the new search could exponentially increase fan value."

Real personalization will happen

Marcela DeVivo, National Debt Relief

"Even though Google claims to personalize search results, the lack of real user data prevents them from fully customizing your search experience. Facebook, however, knows who your friends are, what you like, who you talk to, what you engage with, etc. Facebook Search will create a powerful source of organic traffic that could rival Google organic."

Word-of-mouth marketing will be vital

Jeff Epstein, Ambassador

"With Facebook content being searchable, the value of word-of-mouth recommendations will increase significantly. Remember, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising. This is a game changer for any business."

Optimizing for mobile will be key

Obinna Ekezie, Wakanow.com

"The key to leveraging Facebook search is to optimize your posts for mobile. For example, if you post longer form content about your product or service, make sure to include a phone number at the top of the content. Also, keep in mind that Facebook is likely to throttle your content unless you pay to amplify it. In this way, you need to have a paid social media strategy to compete on Facebook."

Content won't be as important

David Tomas, Cyberclick
"Creating high quality content cannot be your only concern on Facebook. Now you must also determine the optimal keywords for that quality content or vice versa. The new search feature will make keywords more important than ever before and choosing the perfect keywords will help many find your content through the search option to obtain optimal results."

You can't take shortcuts on quality

Jared Brown, Hubstaff

"You can optimize your posts for SEO as much as you like, but even if you make them easier to find, people won't engage with them if the quality is poor. Especially now that brands feel the pressure is on to produce more content, Facebook will be flooded with SEO-optimized posts with little substance. Always focus on quality and people will be more likely to engage once they find you."

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