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The problem with programmatic creative (and how to fix it)

The problem with programmatic creative (and how to fix it) Mitchell Weisman
This video interview and article is sponsored by RevJet. Learn more about sponsor opportunities.

The best way to boost advertising performance

All marketers want to increase the ROI of their initiatives. Media and creative agencies looking to wow their clients should help them find the best ways to improve the results of their advertising, whether the goal is more customers, more video views, or improved brand awareness.

What's best way to create more impactful and effective advertising without ramping up media costs? Focus on the creative.

Few know more about the impact of creative and how to deliver it than Mitchell Weisman, co-founder and CEO at RevJet, the home of the first creative side platform (CSP). He speaks about the importance of creative when it comes to advertising impact and why media and creative agencies should shift focus from cost savings to customer growth with real-time creative optimization.

Mitchell Weisman is founder and CEO of RevJet, a radically different advertising platform that empowers marketers to access the largest untapped source of value in digital advertising. He also serves as chairman of LifeStreet Media, a company he...

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