Jim Meskauskas

The new fundamentals of digital engagement

If your site launched more than a year ago, it's time to dust it off and give it an overhaul. Here's a look at digital engagement and a recently published book that will transform the digital space.

Brian Reich

How to avoid missed opportunities online

"The Internet Advocacy Book" offers tips, techniques and case studies for nonprofits and corporations alike to get the most from their online presence.

Don E. Schultz

More profitable marketing in 8 steps

In this book review, the authors make an organized plea that advertising firms and their people become more financially focused.

Larry Everling

iMedia Book Club: David Verklin's "Watch This. Listen Up. Click Here"

In a new book, the Carat North America CEO tells us to follow the money, but it may take some time to determine the exchange rates.

John Durham

Must-read books for marketers

Whether new to the business or an old-timer, these books selected by marketing professor Durham will give your career a jumpstart.

Phil Gomes

Does "Guide to the New Social Media" Misguide?

A new-media consultant reviews Paul Gillin's "The New Influencers: A Marketer's Guide to the New Social Media."

Brandon Gutman

iMedia Book Club Reviews "Ignited"

iMedia's recruiting columnist reviews a powerful guide for managers looking to rise above the chaos and create meaningful change.

Dave Morgan

A Prescription for Better Advertising

TACODA's founder reviews Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart's "What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds."

Doug Schumacher

iMedia Book Club: "ProfitBrand"

Nick Wreden's new book argues that most brand marketers are out of synch with both their consumers and their management -- learn what they should do about it.

Review: "Life After the 30 Second Spot"

Review: "Life After the 30 Second Spot"

In the iMedia Book Club, TACODA's Dave Morgan reviews “Life After the 30 Second Spot” -- the new book by iMedia Editor at Large Joseph Jaffe.

Brad Berens

iMedia Book Club

Interactive marketing guru Don E. Schultz lists the five books that all marketers should be reading.

Dave Chase

iMedia Book Club

Altus Alliance's Dave Chase reviews "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki and lets us know what marketers can get from this book.

Doug Schumacher

iMedia Book Club

Basement Inc. president Doug Schumacher reviews "How Customers Think" by Gerald Zaltman.

G. Simms Jenkins

iMedia Book Club Reviews "Sign Me Up"

Simms Jenkins reviews email marketing guide "Sign Me Up" by Matt Blumberg and Michael Mayor.

Jim Meskauskas

iMedia Book Club

Jim Meskauskas reviews "When Customers Talk… Turn What They Tell You into Sales" by T. Scott Gross.

Lynn Moss

iMedia Book Club

Email marketer Lynn Moss reviews "The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing" by Bill Nussey.