David Zaleski

19 ad campaigns that permeated American culture

Some ads are good. Others are great. But every once in a while, a marketing campaign becomes a part of our lives. Here are a few that have become cultural milestones.

Drew Hubbard

5 epic marketing stunts you need to see

A well-calculated risk can earn your brand some well-deserved attention. Take a page from these recent bold ventures.

Mark Brown

3 successful email personalization techniques

Technology has gone a long way to depersonalize business, but your email campaigns can still include a human element. Here's how.

Sam Becker

What you can learn from Airbnb's new logo backlash

Although the internet poked fun at the new logo shape, Airbnb's launch of it was a case study in thoughtful rebranding. Here's what you can take away from this risky redesign.

Michael Estrin

7 emotions connecting brands and consumers

If you aren't in touch with customer feelings, you're missing an important opportunity. Here are the brands striking that emotional chord.

Zach Weiner

9 campaign blunders to avoid

For marketers, brand exposure is essential. But what happens when creative risks go too far? Here are campaign examples of what not to do.

Aaron Fetters

The rapidly evolving role of data in marketing

In the past few years, we have all seen digital budgets skyrocket. Here's a case study from Kellogg Company on how information is changing the advertising landscape.

Dan Hill

How facial coding unlocks consumer intentions

Marketers are constantly seeking opportunities to examine consumers' true reactions. Here's a selection of excerpts from "On-Emotion: Salvaging Market Research."

Drew Hubbard

The most immature brands in marketing

Fart jokes and other silliness have their place in marketing and advertising, but they can also go horribly wrong. Let's take a look at the brands that are winning and failing in this realm.

Chloe Della Costa

10 hilarious digital media parodies

If you can't see the value in great satire, you're missing out. Here are the best and funniest spoofs and parodies that resonate with digital marketers.

Chloe Della Costa

9 outrageous bribes received by agencies

Agencies receive all sorts of gifts, incentives, or straight-up bribes from vendors courting their business. Here are the hilarious (and sometimes shocking) stories of nine marketers' most memorable presents.

Tricia Despres

4 small agencies that scored big clients

Bigger isn't always better. Here's how boutique shops scored impressive clients in 2012 -- and how they plan to do it again this year.

Dimple Thakkar

Why there's no sexism problem in digital

Despite an abundance of resources, the topic of women facing discrimination in the tech and digital world doesn't seem to change or go away. Read one CEO's take on the problem.

Julie Roehm

How to make a splash at your new job

Taking on a new job can make you feel unsure or less confident. Read on for advice on making a difference in a new company, a new industry, or a new position.

Mark W. Schaefer

An insider's look at the power of influence marketing

In this excerpt from "Return On Influence," author and business consultant Mark W. Schaefer discusses the new rules of online influence.

Doug Edwards

An inside look at Google's approach to marketing

In this excerpt from the book "I'm Feeling Lucky," former Google employee Doug Edwards dishes on the company's unconventional take on marketing.