Entourage Expands its Circle of Friends

Entourage Expands its Circle of Friends
June 27, 2006
A Deep Focus campaign for HBO's "Entourage" asks fans to create their own MySpace posse pages for a chance to win celebrity-style perks.
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Client: HBO
Creative Agency: Deep Focus
Technology Vendor: MySpace
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The Panel

Okay, I'm going to tip my hand right up front and reveal my relative ignorance (due largely to my age, which is "older," but not old) with regard to the entire MySpace phenomenon. I am in marketing, however, and understand the value of a well-placed and well-timed promotion that capitalizes on the power of a phenomenon. Which is why I think HBO's Entourage MySpace page is a novel and well-executed idea.

This contest enables its participants to blur the line between real life and fantasy life (not unlike the characters in the Hollywood-set show, which is probably the blurriest place on the planet). It takes advantage of the internet's and MySpace's ability for people to concoct a somewhat "enhanced" virtual version of themselves, and takes it a step further by allowing them to create a virtual entourage: a virtual group of virtual selves. Not to get too existential in the simple review of a web page, but the more outrageous and more high-concept the entourage is (the more "virtual" if you will), the greater the likelihood that they'll ultimately win the contest (which includes some pretty nice non-virtual grand prizes, I might add; HBO is sparing little expense on the fleet of give-away Chrysler Crossfires).

As far as execution goes, the page is well-designed, colorful and very straightforward with its contest perks, rules and regulations. It also seems to fit nicely within the context of the other MySpace pages that it links to. Kudos to the thought-team and the production people behind this contest-- I hope it works real wonders for the show.
-- Jason Scheidt, director of marketing, EyeWonder, Inc.

"MyEntourage" has a little something for everyone. The updated weakly teaser clip alone is worth the price of admission. Although it took a little long to load, the payoff is worth it, considering that you get at least a full minute of the upcoming episode to kill part of your day with.

A simple user-generated contest is there to keep the hardcore fans actively engaged. Thank you for keeping the contest nice and easy and providing a concise six-step explanation on how to do it. Simplicity is the key ingredient for making a successful user-generated contest. Entourage fans have time-- but not that much time.

The profiles provide a solid extra layer of content distribution, but where is Ari's profile? I'm sure that was not done on purpose, or was it? If it were, there they would probably have to provide a direct link to the HBO Ari Interview. Good choice.

Overall, this is great work from concept to layout. Nice job!
-- James Goin, media supervisor, Black Bag Advertising

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