7 Ways to Integrate Online with TV

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As the traditional media audience continues to get more fragmented, marketers are demanding that their investment in TV work harder. Prior to the web, a traditional approach took the form of combined TV, radio, print and billboard campaigns. While it has been slow to evolve online, there is now a growing segment of marketers involving their branded, promotional or corporate websites as an integrated component of the media campaign.

TV/web advertising integration is moving beyond the traditional notion of a simple mix of media focused at a target audience across media channels. It is now migrating toward integrated consumer involvement that offers the opportunity to extend the brand message beyond a 15- or 30-second spot and engage consumers with additional descriptive content, an interactive game, promotions and user-generated content.

As with any evolutionary process, there are leaders and laggards, as well as emerging standards and best practices. In this article we will show you what it takes to be one of the leaders.

Author Notes:
Mike Wokosin is the VP of Marketing at The Cannery. Read full bio.