September 10-13, 2006  |  Lake Las Vegas, Nevada
Published: September 11, 2006
How To Get C-Level Executives to Take Notice

Ian Beavis, VP of marketing for Kia Motors, discusses how he convinced execs to move beyond traditional media.

At nine hours per day on average, media consumption now takes up more of a consumer's daily time than sleep. The growth of the internet far outpaced the growth of all other media, up 46.4 percent in the first quarter, but it still only represents a small percentage of total ad budgets.

Even though online has demonstrated success and has proven influential, many brand marketers are fearful of letting traditional practices go.

In today's session, Kia Motors Vice President of Marketing Ian Beavis will walk you through:

  • How he won buy-in from Kia executives
  • An example of a new strategy they have committed to
  • How he convinced execs to let go of their reliance on traditional media
  • How he enlisted support from team members and other departments
  • And how he keeps an eye on what's just over the horizon.

Speaker Bio:
With more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Ian Beavis has held senior posts at clients and agencies alike. He joined Kia in May 2005 and oversees Kia Motors America marketing operations including advertising, product planning and public relations for their U.S. headquarters in Irvine, California. Kia Motors America is the sales, marketing and distribution arm of Kia Motors Corp. in Seoul, South Korea. Beavis' marketing and advertising expertise helps Kia's efforts to expand brand awareness and sharpen brand positioning. Prior to Kia, Beavis served more than a year as senior vice president of marketing, public relations and product planning for Mitsubishi Motors North America.


Presenter: Ian Beavis, Vice President, Marketing, Kia Motors

Format: Zipped PowerPoint Presentation