Advertising & Social Networks-- MySpace, LinkedIn & Beyond

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What is your site's one-sentence pitch for advertisers?
As the first true social networking site for cooking enthusiasts, offers advertisers an array of ad placement and promotional opportunities on highly "sticky" pages with content created by and for members.

Please describe the demographic makeup of your site. was launched Aug. 22, 2006. As of Oct. 8, membership is approaching 4,000 and growing rapidly. During the week of Oct. 2 to 8, the site added an average of more than 200 new members a day, relying primarily on grassroots and viral marketing.

To date, members are:

84.2 percent female/15.8 percent male
Average age: 32, with 71.4 percent between the ages of 18 and 49

How many ad impressions and unique visitors are there within your network in a given month? was launched Aug. 22, 2006, therefore visitor traffic data is forthcoming.

What unique advertising products are available in your network? Any restrictions as far as rich media or video? is ripe with advertising opportunities that include text ads and all sorts of banner ads (skyscraper, full horizontal, leaderboard, square and rectangular), and we welcome ads with rich media and video.

Describe an ad execution at your site that you’re particularly proud of.
As mentioned, was launched on Aug. 22, 2006, and is currently ramping up to offer a wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. We’ll keep you posted.

Does your network provide controls to advertisers so they can avoid thorny content?
While there are no formal controls for advertisers at this time, all content on must conform to the Terms of Use published on the site. We’re very open to suggestions.

Are you open to other types of ad campaigns beyond traditional advertising?
Absolutely. We’re open to suggestions regarding any style of advertising or sponsorship that is consistent with the site’s mission and grassroots style.

Can brands become a member of your site?
Individuals and organizations -- including brands -- are encouraged to become members, set up profiles and interact with other members.

Anything else you’d like to add about your site? reaches consumers who are passionate about cooking and the culinary lifestyle. Members spend time on the site building their personalized online "kitchen" and posting, sharing and discussing recipes on the web’s most advanced recipe exchange database. These and other content sections, including the "virtual pantry" forums and "tearoom" chat area, encourage members to revisit the site frequently. is privately held and based in Los Angeles.