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What is your site's one-sentence pitch for advertisers?
Habbo Hotel's virtual community offers one of the most innovative and cost-effective ways to communicate and interact with the teen demographic, build brand loyalty and modify consumer behavior.

Please describe the demographic makeup of your site.
Our core demo is 13-16 with a 50/50 male/female split.

How many ad impressions and unique visitors are there within your network in a given month?
Habbo Hotel gets 1.7 million unique users a month, with roughly 40,000,000 page impressions.

What unique advertising products are available in your network? Any restrictions as far as rich media or video?
We have some great integrated opportunities, with the ability to customize everything, such as lounges with billboard advertising links, games/quests, video streaming, animated music videos and viewing parties. We can also customize surveys to meet the objectives of the clients, send customized email blasts and provide customized campaign pages with downloads/streaming, news articles and blog pages. The majority of our content is trackable to provide clients with daily feedback.

Describe an ad execution at your site that you're particularly proud of.  
A L’Oreal branded "Studio Hot" beauty salon was designed and created where Habbos could participate in a runway-style fashion show and share beauty tips with their friends. A Makeover Madness competition gave Habbos a chance to win cool new hairstyles for their character. Habbos had to ask Miranda, the Studio Hot beauty salon attendant, for a password to get into a Studio Hot guest room. Once inside that room, they had to find a key word related to the L’Oreal products for their chance to win the new hairstyles.

Does your network provide controls to advertisers so they can avoid thorny content? If so, please describe.
Our 24-hour moderation branch excels at ensuring that the rules of Habbo are adhered to the fullest extent possible. This in turn provides a safe and non-intrusive environment for our advertisers to participate in.

Are you open to other types of ad campaigns, beyond traditional advertising?
Yes, we excel at integration content.

Can brands become a member of your site?
Yes, we will also have some new enhancements in place by the end of the year.

Anything else you'd like to add about your site?
Habbo Hotel has been introduced in more than 20 countries with over 53 million Habbo characters created and more than 7.1 million unique users a month. We have also had great success attracting celebrities to our site. From the Teen Choice Awards 2006-- American Idol’s Paula Abdul, actress Kristina Milano, actress Vanessa Anne Hudgens, U.S. Olympic Medal Winner Shaun White and actress Brooke Hogan.