Advertising & Social Networks-- MySpace, LinkedIn & Beyond

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Editor's note: These answers are in relation to the entire Yahoo! portal. Yahoo offers its own social network, Yahoo 360.

What is your site's one-sentence pitch for advertisers?
Yahoo’s massive reach and innovative solutions allows marketers to target key audiences at multiple touch points and properties throughout Yahoo network.

Please describe the demographic makeup of your site.
Yahoo, the No. 1 community on the web, offers our advertisers the largest engaged consumer base in the world, hitting every demographic group.

How many ad impressions and unique visitors are there within your network in a given month?
More than 400 million users visit Yahoo each month, and more than 200 million of those are active, engaged users. 

What unique advertising products are available in your network? Any restrictions as far as rich media or video?  
Yahoo offers marketers a broad array of innovative solutions that allow for explicit targeting -- demographic, geographic, contextual and behavioral --enabling marketers to reach their key audiences efficiently. 

Describe an ad execution at your site that you're particularly proud of.
We recently announced a marketing program between Yahoo Video and Frito-Lay called "Crash the Bowl" that enables users to create their own Doritos Super Bowl commercials and upload them to Yahoo Video. Users will be able to watch, save to "My Favorites," comment on, rate and share these advertisements. Doritos will select their five favorite user generated commercials from all that are submitted and let users determine by vote which one will "air" across the Yahoo Network and on television during the Super Bowl.

Does your network provide controls to advertisers so they can avoid thorny content? If so, please describe.
Yahoo is focused on providing programs that give advertisers optimum value. We are committed to working with customers to create programs and advertising placements which bring them the greatest value and make sense for their individual businesses.

Are you open to other types of ad campaigns, beyond traditional advertising?
Definitely. Over the past few months, we have partnered with several large brands on social media sponsorships and promotions. For example, MasterCard sponsored a campaign in conjunction with the launch of Yahoo Travel’s Trip Planner which allows users to create their own printable travel guide including photos, itineraries and reviews based on places they’ve been. The promotion included a trip plan writing sweepstakes with a co-branded microsite (Yahoo/MC) to promote the sweepstakes and to act as a landing page for Yahoo travel and network media promoting the event. We are very open to working with our clients to help them leverage our social media assets and large user base to reach and influence key consumer advocates of their brands.