Advertising & Social Networks-- MySpace, LinkedIn & Beyond

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Editor's note: The following social network did not to respond to our questions directly but deserves a look due to its vast achievements in the social networking arena.

The custom advertising opportunities on MySpace are appealing to marketers ranging from consumer products to major studios and networks who seek a means to authentically and virally connect to their target demographic. Whether through a customized profile or a marketing campaign, brands and advertisers such as Disney, Toyota, Gillette -- even The U.S. Marine Corps -- have the opportunity to engage users, ultimately allowing the community to become brand ambassadors to their network of friends.

Demographic makeup of site

  • More than 100 million member profiles as of August 2006
  • Hundreds of thousands of new member profiles are created daily
  • More than 3 million artists and bands use MySpace to promote albums and engage fans

Ad impressions and unique visitors per month*

  • Second ranked web domain in terms of page views
  • There were more than 55 million unique visitors per month as of July 2006
  • MySpace now ranks as the No. 6 most popular site on the web
  • The site gets more than 30 billion page views in the month, second only to Yahoo!

* comScore Media Metrix, July 2006