Advertising & Social Networks-- MySpace, LinkedIn & Beyond

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Editor's note: The following social network did not to respond to our questions directly but deserves a look due to its vast achievements in the social networking arena.

Overview offers a number of prominent placements and integrated content advertising opportunities that reach our teen members in unique and authentic ways. Marketing efforts can be targeted by gender, geographic location and age. Brand Tags are the perfect way to get your brand and logo used interactively by teens. Teens welcome their favorite brands to be a part of their Tagged profile as a form of self-expression. Teens will also be able to give and receive brand tags among friends, allowing them to interact with each other-- keeping your brand as the focal point of this interaction.

Demographic makeup of site

  • 60 percent female, 40 percent male
  • 75 percent of members 14-17 years old

Ad impressions and unique visitors per month

  • 3.3 million registered members (13 percent of online teens)
  • 2.7 million unique visitors every month
  • 391 million page views per month
  • 2.5 million hours spent/month
  • 45 percent of daily visitors visit multiple times/day
  • The average user spends 20 minutes per day on
    (comScore Media Metrix 12/05)