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Fiskateers drive chatter

Fiskars Brand's crafting division was anxious to create an emotional connection with its customers (scrapbookers and crafters) as a way to increase awareness and credibility. Fiskars also wanted to increase the involvement in its online community and really get its customers impassioned. With the help of Brains of Fire, Fiskars decided that the best way to do just that was to create a Brand Ambassador movement.

The first step was to find four customers to be part-time, paid Fiskars Ambassadors. After being selected, the Fiskars Ambassadors were brought to Fiskars' headquarters for a training session about what it means to be an Ambassador-- with an emphasis on the fact that they were not salespeople and should always be transparent about their affiliation with Fiskars.

When the Fiskar Ambassadors, dubbed "Fiskateers," went home, they went to work spreading the word about Fiskars. With their education and enthusiasm, they bolstered the Fiskars online community, which now boasts more than 815 members, and increased online chatter 341 percent.

The Fiskateers site

The lesson: People don't necessarily talk about scissors, but they do talk about scrapbooking and crafting and -- via the Fiskateers community -- Fiskars found a way to insert its brand into the conversation that was already happening, increasing chatter and brand awareness.

Credit Information
Client: Fiskars Brands
Agency: Brains on Fire
Budget: Less than $500,000
Date of campaign: June 2006 to the present
Case study URL:
Excerpted from WOMMA's Case Studies Library.