Experts Weigh in on Outlook 2007

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The newly released version of popular email client Microsoft Outlook 2007 has caused somewhat of an uproar in the tightly knit email marketing world. As if the email marketing industry needs another dark cloud hovering about its fragile climate, it appears many industry veterans, bloggers and prognosticators have added this new version of the popular email client as the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, joining spam, phishing and deliverability as the email woes du jour.

Given that much has already been written and said about this key topic, I will aim to provide the last and definitive word on the matter by letting some experienced and savvy experts share their insight and predictions on how this will affect email marketers.

We will also hear from Microsoft on what this means and why they made sweeping changes to the ubiquitous business email client, Outlook.

Let's introduce our distinguished and diverse group of email marketing pros.

  • Mark Brownlow, Publisher, Email Marketing Reports
  • Stephanie Miller, VP, Strategic Services, Return Path, Inc.
  • Craig Spiezle, Director of Online Safety Technologies for Microsoft Corp. and Chair and President of Authentication and Online Trust Alliance (AOTA)
  • Luc Vezina, Director of Strategy & Product Management, GOT Corporation
  • Chad White, Director of Retail Insights and Editor-at-Large, Email Experience Council

We'll be covering:

How does Microsoft Outlook 2007 affect email marketing programs?
Outlook 2007 predictions
Tactical tips, suggestions and best practices to consider

How does Microsoft Outlook 2007 affect email marketing programs?