What Twitter Means for Marketers

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Twitter. Twits, tweener or t'winner?

If you're listening to the digital space, the sound you are hearing in the blogosphere around Twitter could be a distracting buzz or the howling gasp of old ways passing. Whether you're talking about Twitter or one of its microblogging counterparts, such as Jaiku or Dodgeball for mobile, we believe we're seeing a run-up of empowered, engaged voices connecting in new ways.

Some of you may share the healthy dose of skepticism this space inspires, so I'll try to share what's got me all atwitter with this new platform and why I think it's a game changer for marketers/communicators. I'll break it down by taking a quick look at how it's defined, what people are saying, what the digital marketing implications are and what innovative applications are already in use, and I'll wrap up with some of my picks of people to watch in the Twitterverse.

My strong recommendation for digital marketers, publishers and agency-folks is to create your free account today, then start connecting and exploring innovative ways of using it. I look forward to hearing from you.

Author notes: Mark Silva is managing director/principal & founder for Real Branding. Read full bio. He can be found online between Twitter and his blog.