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What community toolbars deliver:

  • Persistent relationships with users. No matter where they are on the web, you are there. Now that's face time that even money can't buy.
  • Increased monetization of your user community. Typically, community toolbars can drive two extra clicks per user, per day. You do the math in terms of the impact on ad revenue and sales with that level of deeper engagement. 
  • Extensive features to engage users and keep them coming back. Multimedia such as TV and radio, the hottest new gadgets, weather forecaster, an email notifier, RSS feeds and more. Alerts to capture attention, which can be used to announce special offers, free giveaways, breaking news, and more. Live chat for community interaction. Single sign-on for increased account usage.

Community toolbars are a powerful and free way to quickly enter into the new age of interactive marketing and drive higher revenue through engaged interactive communities.

The concept of widgets is new but has seen remarkable traction recently with the big websites such as Google, Yahoo, and social networking sites like Facebook  embracing them.

For the uninitiated, a widget is an application or a plug-in that can be embedded onto a webpage to stream relevant and contextual content or commerce. There's a lot of potential there for usage as an online marketing tool. Confused? Think of a widget as a small box of unique and dynamic content you can add to your site to engage your users without building out that content. For instance, if you run an online retail store for fishing equipment, you could add a weather widget to your site for your users.

Not only can you add third-party widgets to your site, but you can easily create widgets of your own and distribute them to other sites. Better yet, you can further increase exposure by placing your widgets onto your community toolbar to increase their distribution.

Widgets have really exploded with the rise of social networks and personal landing pages, as users love the simplicity and self expression they bring. Not to mention you can place ads on the widgets and monetize your user base with yet another revenue stream.

Here are a few great examples of widgets:

A blog devoted to reviewing and testing widgets, badges and "blog bling" of all types.
Check out SexyWidget here: http://www.sexywidget.com/

A blog featuring the top "Wild Web Widgets"
Check out Widgetslab here: http://www.widgetslab.com/

Your source for the coolest gadgets on the web, LabPixies is a free online directory for web gadgets.
Check out Labpixies here: http://www.labpixies.com/

The advantage of widgets is that they deliver one-to-one relationships with your users through interactivity, increasing the breadth of content and user engagement with very little investment of time or money, and increasing monetization of your user community by serving ads via the widgets.

Feel free to join the new hot trend and add a widget or two to your website, or create your own. You can find a whole host of widgets here: http://www.widgetbox.com/ and here: http://directory.snipperoo.com/.

Marketers and publishers who rely solely on mainstream tactics such as RSS, SEO and email marketing are missing a major opportunity and the constant, intimate, real-time connection that community toolbars and widgets offer.

The possibilities and opportunities that these powerful user-engagement tools create for marketing, advertising, branding and content distribution are only beginning to be realized. Are you on board yet?

Reena A. Jadhav is chief marketing officer at ConduitRead full bio.