Honda's "Cog" Commercial Spreads via Net

Honda's "Cog" Commercial Spreads via Net
May 13, 2003
This creative of the week is a viral success story, and raises a whole array of new possibilities for TV on the Web (or through the Web).
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Client: Honda
Creative Agency: Wieden+Kennedy UK
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Remember the popular children's board game, Mousetrap? The game centered on the ability of an assembly of levers, chutes and ramps to send a plastic trap over a toy mouse.

Segue to a $1 million commercial produced by Wieden+Kennedy UK for Honda. The spot, dubbed "Cog", features 85 car parts linked in a mesmerizing symphony that culminates with the introduction of Honda's new Accord. No product shots; no Celine Dion; no warnings about professional drivers on closed courses. Just a collection of ball bearings, wiper blades, tires and mufflers seamlessly "interacting" with one another to form a true piece of art.

"Cog" took five months of production and design work before it was ready to be shot. And after 605 takes, the dominos fell as they were meant to.

So here's the kicker! The only way for U.S. audiences to see the ad is on the Internet. Due to format restrictions (the spot is two minutes and trying to edit this into 30 seconds would be a travesty) and corporate logistics (different agencies, business units etc), it is not known if this will ever see the light of day on U.S. screens.

Oh but it has!

How many times have you already received an e-mail about this spot? How many bonus impressions, extended reach or increased frequency has already contributed towards offsetting the "investment" behind this masterpiece?

This is a viral success story; more specifically, it is a viral creative success story, demonstrating that a great idea knows no boundaries, formats or restrictions.

This creative of the week raises a whole array of new possibilities for TV on the Web (or through the Web) and I for one say, "bring it on!"

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