Social media: Whose job is it anyway?

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It should come as no surprise to readers of this article that a seismic shift in the way consumers interact with media has turned the marketing world upside down (if this is a surprise to you, give me a call. You can come to my apartment and I will turn you upside down so you can see this new world like the rest of us). It is no longer acceptable for media and marketing professionals to create content that is just for consumption, with no entry point for interaction.

Let me reiterate: No option for interaction is unacceptable!

While I do not have scientific proof of this fact, I submit that our brains have been altered to the degree that, when we see media, our instincts tell us to interact with it. Our bodies and minds have adapted to this new world of media. It is my belief that we now have a new disposition towards the mediated world; one that empowers us to feel as though we not only have the ability, but the right to participate.

Let me reiterate: We have the right to participate!

Whether or not content creators have provisioned a course of action that allows consumers to interact with the media they have created, consumers will interact with it. Whether it is through search engines, mobile devices, or any other extension of ourselves (see McLuhan's Understanding Media: Extensions of Man), it is imperative for all content creators operating in the 21st century to realize that media, as an extension of who we are, will become an increasingly active part of our lives, whether you like it or not.

Let me reiterate: We will share it, whether you like it or not!

Goals and methodology
In light of all that has changed in the world of media, professionals working in the marketing industry must ask the question, "who is responsible for operating marketing initiatives in this new environment?"

Although met with a certain level of disdain, interrupter-at-large Joseph Jaffe kicked this meme into full gear with his piece entitled "Who Owns Social Media." While I am a longtime fan of Jaffe's in-your-face tactics, I decided to take the Beatles' approach and "get by with a little help from my friends."

I decided to create a form and sent it to the following thought leaders, who represent different types of agencies:

David Berkowitz, director of emerging media & client strategy at 360i.
Shiv Singh, vice president, social media & global strategic initiatives at Razorfish.
Rick Liebling, global director, account management at Taylor.
Michael Lazerow, founder, chairman, and CEO at Buddy Media.
Christine Perkett, founder and CEO at PerkettPR
Shel Holtz, principal at Holtz Communication + Technology.

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