After losing search, Yahoo focuses on content

Jerry Yang's vision of a revived and powerful Yahoo centered on a return to its technology roots by focusing on its search engine and fighting off any potential takeovers. But Yang's plan never came to fruition, and the co-founder is no longer CEO at Yahoo, while the company's search business now lies in the hands of Microsoft.

But new CEO Carol Bartz has another plan to make Yahoo an advertising superpower again, this time by producing original content and selling display space around that content, according to a CNET report.

Yahoo's Media group will now focus on producing several original video series focusing on news, sports, and entertainment. The videos will range in their time, from brief, five-minute entertainment clips like "Prime Time in No Time," to longer, 12-minute programs that are in more of a documentary style.

Yahoo is currently the second largest web property in terms of unique visitors, trailing only Google, and has a strong history of selling display. However, other former online heavyweights like AOL have focused on a content-heavy strategy, with mixed results.