Facebook-savvy brands that might surprise you

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Intel and Living Proof

What works when launching a presence on Facebook?
There are many different approaches to developing a presence on Facebook, but brands seem to be increasingly coming to the game with a plan to jumpstart their communities through promotional offers. Last year, Intel challenged Sprout to create a new Facebook fan page and application for the company, with the goal of building a significant Intel community on Facebook. The result was a fan page with an embedded application that empowered the community to lower the price on three laptops in advance of Cyber Monday. In less than two weeks, Intel reached hundreds of thousands of people and acquired more than 24,000 new fans.

You don't have to be a giant brand like Intel to do this successfully though. Sprout also worked with a hair products company named Living Proof on a new fan page that helped boost its community from 800 fans to 10,000 fans in just a few months. One of the keys to success was embedding a free sample offer into the homepage experience. Another was an exceptionally clean brand experience that included the company's blog feed, a Twitter feed, direct access to customer service, styling tips, and video content about how the brand's products are made and work. Finally, one of the most engaging elements of the experience is an interactive questionnaire that guides users to the product that is most appropriate for their hair types and styling preferences.