9 ways to incorporate video into your ad plan

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Video marketing has become one of the best promotional tools on the web. Well-executed videos can grab attention faster than any other advertising medium as videos continue to draw internet users in droves. Research by eMarketer shows 66.7 percent of the 147.5 million U.S. internet users watch video online monthly. By 2014, eMarketer estimates that number will rise to 77 percent of internet users (193.1 million people).

Online video has surged in popularity due to the rapid proliferation of broadband and video technology advances. This has resulted in the production of cost-effective, premium videos, a dramatic increase in traffic to video-sharing sites, and online video's acceptance into the mainstream. 

Consumers are receptive to video on websites, landing pages, search results pages, emails, and video-sharing sites because it is so engaging and self-explanatory. Video conveys information quickly and accurately, making it an excellent tool for marketers because consumers want to know more about the companies they deal with and the products/services they buy. Video is a very memorable medium. A study by The Wharton School of Business revealed that video improves comprehension and retention by 50 percent over a live presentation. Other studies have indicated that video speeds up buying decisions by 72 percent when compared to print. Therefore, company and product information communicated in videos can generate more leads and ecommerce sales.

The effectiveness of video advertising

It's well-known that video ads increase traffic and conversions. This has been documented by both online research firms as well as video solution providers. Here are a few key findings from some studies:

.Fox Networks and comScore (January 2010)

  • Americans watched 32.4 billion videos during January 2010, according to comScore Video Metrix.
  • Americans conducted 15.2 billion core searches that month, according to comScore qSearch.
  • Americans watched more than twice as many videos as they conducted searches.
  • While video and display advertising were both effective in driving site visits and advertiser search queries, when video and display ads were evaluated side by side, consumers exposed to video ads were 28 percent more likely to visit the brand site and nearly twice as likely to conduct a trademark search.
  • Video was able to generate a more immediate impact in the first five exposures than display ads in terms of increased site visits and search queries.

In March of this year, comScore found video generates higher lift than display ads in a study directly comparing the effectiveness of video and display.

When comparing the ad effectiveness of video vs. Flash companion banners, Dynamic Logic (2010) found that video is more effective than display when measuring brand lift.

Dynamic Logic (2004), in a classic brand awareness study based on more than 1,500 online ad campaigns from more than 1.7 million respondents, found that online video ads achieved greater branding with fewer impressions than all types of banner ads.    

Time and again, studies indicate video is an effective marketing tool that can be shared easier than any type of media. It's no wonder online video advertising has experienced robust growth since 2006.

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Yaniv Axen
Yaniv Axen May 7, 2010 at 3:53 PM

This is a great article, Jason. Online video is proving to be more than a value-add for most sites. E-businesses are looking at video as a must-have if they are at all concerned with SEO, conversions and brand visibility. The next stage of development for businesses leveraging online video, and one that will prove to be a challenge, will be to keep content current and dynamic. Current market obstacles include the costs and time associated with producing relevant and valuable video content, but solutions that create consistently updated professional videos with no human intervention will revolutionize the use of online video.

Yaniv Axen
CTO & co-founder of SundaySky

David Carchidi
David Carchidi May 4, 2010 at 11:20 PM

This is such a great marking article for us at APT Commercials and Showoff Video Production. This is EXACTLY what we tell our clients but you just totally backed us up. Our clients (apartment communities, vacation condo owners, boutique hotels/bed and breakfast inns and yachts) are really starting to get it. Thank you for the study and statistics. I plan on sharing this everywhere I can.

catherine gray
catherine gray May 4, 2010 at 8:00 PM

This article is a terrific reinforcement of tried and true principles that work. Thank you, Mr Prescott, for mentioning CorpShorts in your article. As you may have discovered, we power video and custom production for 100's of businesses and help them communicate to their customers and prospects in ways which were once very difficult. We have conducted our own studies and know first handed that video is a huge driver in higher conversion rates, click through rates and other measurable and actionable items. It's wonderful to see that people like you are bringing these new Web 2.0 tactics to light and sharing your knowledge with other publishers so they too can improve their user interface.

mark sadovnick
mark sadovnick May 4, 2010 at 3:20 PM

Great article . Valuable info on taking advantage of the best marketing resource for companies today - video.