The latest innovations from 8 top online publishers

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iVillage and MSNBC

Community is the heart of soul of iVillage, which attracts more than 30 million women each month to connect, share, and seek advice on topics that matter most to them. To put the power of storytelling directly in the hands of these millions of women, iVillage and NBC Local Media launched a unique, nationwide search for local citizens across America to contribute, chronicle, and share "real" women-centric topics that matter most to them and their community. A top selection committee of journalism experts, including Today's Natalie Morales, MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, LXTV's Jane Hanson, and iVillage chief correspondent Kelly Wallace, chose 15 diverse and dynamic community members to become part of a newly created program called "iVoices on iVillage." Through this unprecedented program, these women were given a one-of-a-kind opportunity to provide blogs and video commentary for iVillage, and possibly select NBC local markets. The topics center on areas that are most important to women in categories such as health, pregnancy and parenting, finance, entertainment, and beauty and style -- mirroring the kinds of meaningful conversations that are being discussed on iVillage each day.

MSNBC Digital Network
The MSNBC Digital Network recently unveiled its new ad-rendering system called ServeView and announced that it has been rolled out across 100 percent of its story pages. ServeView intelligently places ads on the page when and where consumers will see them. With ServeView, the company says advertisers are assured that every ad impression they purchase has, in fact, been seen by consumers.

When a story page loads, consumers interact with the video, text, photos, and other content on the page. As that is happening, the ServeView technology seamlessly runs on the page and will only render the ad once the ad location is within the viewable area of the consumer's display. Then and only then is the ad counted as a delivered impression. ServeView works for each individual ad on every browser and every screen size.

In addition to better-performing ads, marketers benefit from optimized ad views without any effects or changes to standard ad delivery practices in use today. The MSNBC Digital Network says that ServeView in full compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau's impression measurement guidelines and, in fact, improves upon its baseline recommendations.