The latest innovations from 8 top online publishers

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TechMediaNetwork, Turner, and WSJ

At No. 3 in the comScore Tech News rankings, TechMediaNetwork is one of the fastest-growing publishers of high-quality technology and science news, reviews, videos, and reference articles. With the help of award-winning journalists, TechMediaNetwork focuses on helping consumers navigate the glut of information by becoming a trusted advisor on the subjects of interest to readers.

TechMediaNetwork starts with TopTenReviews, which offers reviews of more than 550 categories of products and services;, which is the authoritative source for astronomy and space exploration news and analysis; and LiveScience, focusing on the study of psychology, sociology, and human behavior for people curious about their minds, bodies, and the world around them.

This year, TechMediaNetwork expanded its trusted advisor role by launching eight new websites that focus on high-quality content in specific vertical areas of interest. Those sites include BusinessNewsDaily, a comprehensive resource for people who are in the process of starting up a business; OurAmazingPlanet, a site that explores the wonder and beauty of Earth; iPadNewsDaily, an accessible source of iPad news and information for both non-geeks and seasoned iPad users; NorthOrion, tools to help consumers and businesses navigate purchasing decisions in a wide variety of topics; and MyHealthNewsDaily, information about the latest medical research and health news and trends.

Turner/SI Digital sales, a division of Turner Broadcasting Inc., along with sales colleagues at CNN Digital, formed the Turner Network in 2008 as a solutions-driven alternative to third-party ad network and exchanges. It combines the company's exceptional digital resources under one in-house sales force to offer advertising partners distinct opportunities that leverage Turner's portfolio of digital properties that include leading news, entertainment, sports, and kids' sites.

One of the first exclusive products to come out of this collaboration was the Turner Netblock, which is a homepage roadblock that uses the OPA pushdown unit executed simultaneously across Turner-operated websites. The Netblock was developed to provide advertising partners quality audiences, at scale, under one safe branded platform to help clients achieve their campaign objectives. Executed for the first time in late 2009, the Netblock continues to be a popular and effective product with advertisers for its high-impact placement. From to, and everything in between, the product has proved especially attractive to clients unveiling new creative or launching new branding for a particular service or product. The Turner Netblock can be purchased alone or as one part of a comprehensive media buy.

Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal for iPad blends the best of print and online. It offers the look of the Journal while providing updated news and information, full-screen video, market data, and customizable features, including the ability to save articles and full sections -- such as What's News, Marketplace, Money & Investing, Greater New York, and Personal Journal -- for later or offline reading. Share and save features allow an even more personalized experience.

The platform allows users to experience the visuals and interaction of digital with the more familiar look of print, which has proven a successful combination; the app has been downloaded more than 700,000 times since launch. In addition, advertiser response proves the app's ability to help them reach the Journal's high-quality audience via innovative ad units in a dynamic environment; six exclusive sponsors signed on for the launch, with more on board in the following months.

Lori Luechtefeld is editor of iMedia Connection.

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