4 cool video campaigns you might have missed

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PEN Giant
There's no better way to demonstrate a product than to make a commercial using the advertised product, which is what Olympus did in this campaign for its PEN cameras. The team making the video used the camera to shoot photos for the 355 billboards that appear in the stop-motion clip. It's something of a sequel to an earlier PEN video that used thousands of small photo prints and a similar stop-motion technique.

We've seen the stop-motion effect before, and other brands have used the product to shoot online ads, including Samsung with its H205 digital camcorder. But what makes the Olympus video really great is that it uses these elements to tell a compelling story. It's entirely possible for brands to spend five minutes showcasing flashy video techniques or funny talents, but the ads that really stick with consumers -- the ones that they watch all the way through -- are the ones that put a premium on a story that showcases the product.

And, in another great example of how online video can build stronger bonds with consumers, PEN put together a making-of documentary for the campaign.



Frederick Page
Frederick Page April 4, 2011 at 7:53 AM

I did not realize that the poster shots were shot with the product. The production looks like a fashion shoot and I don't think the full story comes across in the spot. However it does very nicely on the "making of" long-form. Presumably the spot is only a demo of the capabilities of the product and the actual value of the product is then proven in the "making-of" long-form. As a stand-alone, the short form is beautifully executed but left me wondering if it was just more CGI. That the production was actually done "the hard way", only comes across in the "making-of" video.