The 10-minute guide to digital out-of-home

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So you think you know digital. But do you know digital out of home (DOOH)? Chances are that many of you are a little rusty on this segment of the industry. Several DOOH leaders told me that there is clearly a divide between those who know, understand, and utilize this space well, and those that don't understand the space at all.

The number of people "in the know" is growing, but my suspicion is that there are plenty of iMedia Connection readers that would find an overview of this category valuable. Without further ado, here is a ten minute primer so that you can decide if DOOH might have value for you.

DOOH size and growth
No doubt about it, we all need to pay more attention to the size and growth of the DOOH segment of our industry. Take a look at these figures and think about them in the context of the size of the industry segments we talk endlessly about.

With greater than $3.5 billion in sales expected this year, it's apparent that DOOH has a whole lot going on.

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Category structure
Most industry observers break down the opportunities into four main buckets:
  • Retail: The retail category encompasses in-store opportunities like PRN's Walmart TV, grocery store checkout TV, and the like. The idea, of course, is to impact consumers at the point of sale. Sometimes these units work as broadcast screen only, while other units may offer deep interaction to help a consumer learn more about an item or choose the best product for them.

PRN units

  • Place-based: These screens appear in a variety of venues, particularly in captive audience environments where content can entertain consumers. Examples include in-taxi ads, ATMs, elevator screens, screens in bars/restaurants, and even in professional offices like dentists' waiting rooms. Again, some work as broadcast units, other as interactive units.

Accent Health TV Network

  • Outdoor: Think billboards, with sight and motion. You'll typically find these in very high traffic areas like on main highways or places that attract millions of people, like Times Square.

  • Movie Theater: Not the trailers, the ads that appear in the programming before a movie, or just before the coming attractions get started.




Adam Kleinberg
Adam Kleinberg April 27, 2011 at 10:41 AM

Thanks, Jim. I'm speaking on a panel at CET World today. This will make me look like I know what I'm talking about.


Rajesh Vinaykyaa
Rajesh Vinaykyaa April 22, 2011 at 10:47 PM

Absolutely DOOH spending has increased a great ton not only in US but developing nations as well. Not to mention washrooms too are having these digital gadgets installed. Recent survey by a market research company exactly showed the figures for developing nations which in contrast to your findings was very similar.