Bob Garfield

How to use digital to brand a mundane product

Digital is finding its way into everyday products, from detergent to running shoes. Find out what's coming up in mobile ordering, and much more, as Dave Knox of Rockfish Interactive hits the lounge with Bob Garfield.

Conversation Notes

0:15 - A little something about Dave Knox
0:30 - Digital is finding its way into everyday products
1:00 - "Mundane" categories can benefit from digital relationships with consumers
2:00 - There are no more low-interest products
2:20 - Tide isn't a laundry detergent; it protects your important purchases
3:00 - The next wave of product marketing
3:40 - No more one-way conversations
4:25 - The Anthrax rumor
5:40 - "We just wanted to know you were listening"
6:10 - How mobile will change household product purchases
7:30 - Make it a utility, not an irritation
8:20 - Nike+ isn't about better running shoes; it's about a better running experience
9:40 - How to keep clients from overdoing digital and ruining their brand
10:30 - The advertising model is decoupling
11:20 - What technologies are your customers using?
12:00 - People "watch stuff, read stuff, and play"