7 ways to create display ads that get noticed

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Unexpected joy while browsing

One of the hardest things about brand advertising is that you cannot make up for lack of creativity with high media volume. Advertisers have to constantly compete for users' attention and make sure their ads stands out from the mediocre "just OK" standard banners that users face every day.

But some ads do stand out. They make you laugh, play, enjoy -- and most importantly, remember the advertising message. This article features online creatives that fall into this bucket.

What is common to all of these ads is that they seek to deliver an experience rather than just an image featuring a brand. They typically have a striking visual, in many cases taking advantage of a large portion of the screen. They will surprise you and find a way to keep you engaged, make you laugh, and keep you stimulated. These advertisers succeed by creating a holistic advertising experience that is neatly tucked into an ad.

Here are seven ways that advertisers managed to get users excited and gave them a few moments of unexpected joy while browsing.



mindful marketing
mindful marketing January 2, 2013 at 9:17 PM

thanks for the article ariel. several of our clients are looking into display advertising, however i can't find many tools out there that are user-friendly for creating different types & sizes display ads. google adwords display ad tool is good, but are there others that you're aware of?

Spencer Broome
Spencer Broome August 22, 2011 at 10:48 AM

Love that last example.