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Nicole Rawski

Nicole RawskiNicole RawskiNicole Rawski

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Nicole Rawski, Director of Analytics, Geary Interactive
Nicole Rawski stays in great shape by exercising her many talents. A long distance runner and athlete, Rawski likens the twists and turns in her career path to the challenges she faces while hitting the pavement -- both require appropriate training, conditioning, and pacing in order to reach desired goals. Rawski's professional stamina is evidenced by the milestones she hit during her five-year tenure at Geary Interactive, where she started as a digital media analyst. In her most recent role with the company, as the company's director of analytics, Rawski determined significant metrics, discerned underperforming areas of websites, and consistently identified opportunities for improvement.

Rawski's driven attitude resulted in successful performances at various companies prior to Geary; she's worked for Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, SponsorHouse, and Red Door Interactive. Now, Rawski is about to take another step forward: She's moving from Geary Interactive to Digitaria, where she will continue to make leaps and bounds as the company's senior analyst.