iMedia Digital Showcase: The 10 best branded Facebook apps

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Branded apps that connect

For most marketers, Facebook apps probably conjure up images of staff members wasting precious hours tending their "crops" on FarmVille or rubbing out their adversaries in Mafia Wars. But while a handful of apps have skyrocketed into the cultural stratosphere, brands that have deployed their own apps have used Facebook to make powerful emotional connections with users.

To shine a spotlight on some of the best work in this small but impactful channel, the iMedia editorial staff has selected 10 of the most original and compelling branded Facebook apps.

Read on for profiles and visuals of each of these stellar apps. In the spirit of social media, we invite each of you to take a moment to play with each and share your comments with the rest of the iMedia community.



Katelyn Watson
Katelyn Watson September 7, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Hey michael, this is a great article and a fantastic collection of branded apps - thanks a lot!