Bob Garfield

Why some digital marketing titles are meaningless

When a job title gets too all-encompassing, does it lose its meaning? The Titan Agency's Jon Caddell and Bob Garfield discuss the ever-evolving scope of digital marketers' jobs and where the future will take our industry.

Conversation Timeline:

0:00 - The term VP of digital marketing means nothing because...
1:00 - We need to focus on understanding our customers
1:30 - What is digital's role in the marketing mix?
2:12 - How many TV ads does a consumer watch before he engages?
3:00 - In digital, everything is documented
4:15 - You're guaranteed to fail if you're not listening
5:45 - Insights you can't gain through a focus group
6:45 - Customers don't always see a company as a whole. They see pieces.
8:00 - A eureka moment at Coca-Cola
9:15 - The next big thing...

Run time 10:44